Strength Base Practice

The strengths perspective focuses on the coping mechanisms, problem-solving skills, and decision-making processes that work well for clients and generally result in an abundance of positive and successful behaviours. There is usually more about clients that is positive and functional than is negative or dysfunctional. Helpers must reassess the way they diagnose client functioning to recognize these largely positive behaviours (Turner, 2002).

Participants of this course will increase their awareness and understanding in the following:

  • History of SB
  • Identifying families strengths
  • Learning and understanding SB perspective
  • Ability to assess families appropriately and accurately
  • Identifying appropriate language when working with families
  • How attachment is formed

Duration: Two day training from 9am to 4pm


  • To increase awareness and understanding of the Strength-Based perspective in social work practice
  • To explore the historical and theoretical underpinning that inform strength-based practice
  • To engage in Strength-based practice ie. Role play
  • For Social Workers to apply a diagnostic analysis when using Strength based practice.